The Digital Rebar project is pleased to announce our new mascot; however, she doesn’t have a name. We are looking for ideas and you can reach us at @digitalrebar, @zehicle, or comment on this blog.

Current ideas:

  • Digital Rebear
  • Rebear
  • Rebare
  • Baremetal
  • Bootstrap (the bear)
  • Skids ~ work boots
  • Beamer ~ tie-off point that is portable and affixes to a steel beam
  • Grand Pappy ~ (cable) lager multi-conductor feeder cable
  • Lumberg ~ guy that walks around with a cup of coffee all day and does nothing
  • Hue Phi (for UEFI)

If you need help finding a “bear” name, try this interesting name generator based on animal type: I also found a site with construction worker slang:

We look forward to hearing your ideas and are quickly working on stickers and other assorted gear with the new mascot.

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