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10 Essential Skills of a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) by AppDynamics

Almost overnight, it seems that Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) has become one of the hottest job titles across the IT Industry. So why all the sudden buzz and momentum around the SRE role? READ MORE

DevOps Tool Market Size Applications 2017 to 2022

Global DevOps Tool Market Research Report 2017 to 2022 presents an in-depth assessment of the DevOps Tool Market including enabling technologies, key trends, market drivers, challenges, standardization, regulatory landscape, deployment models, operator case studies, opportunities, future roadmap, value chain, ecosystem player profiles and strategies. The report also presents forecasts for DevOps Tool Market investments from 2017 till 2022.


Don’t be ageist: In the DevOps era, experience matters by @Jenz514

When it comes to attitudes toward age, DevOps is a lot like IT in general, but possibly more so. Defenders of an IT workforce that skews young have always noted that technology changes quickly, skills must be updated rapidly, business demands evolve fast, and long workdays just don’t appeal to professionals who have families to go home to. All of that may ratchet up even higher in DevOps culture. READ MORE

L8ist Sh9y Podcast : Digital Rebar and Terraform Provisioning
Blog Link http://bit.ly/2xPILHb 

Stephen Spector, HPE Cloud Evangelist talks with Greg Althaus, CTO and Co-Founder of RackN about how the Digital Rebar Provisioning solution provides bare metal server support for the HashiCorp Terraform Solution.


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