These release notes span the v4.1 and v4.2 releases. The focus is on features, not the numerous fixes for bugs and minor issues.

4.1 Release Items

  • Contexts – this is a major feature that allows workflows to transition between instances of runners on the machines and other locations (such as Docker containers)
  • Run without root permissions – enables operation in highly secure environments.
  • Tasks can have expanded Role and Claim rights – allows tasks to have special scope of operations inside of DRP
  • Transactions Improvements to WAL 
  • DRPY runner –  python version of the runner for ESXi environments
  • Ansible Inventory uses Profiles – 100% mapping between DRP and Ansible groups.
  • Redfish Support – IPMI integration for later hardware models
  • ESXi Installation – VMware Integration

    UX Custom Columns – Allows user to define columns in machine view

  • UX Expand View Filters – Expand filters to leverage all API supported filtering

4.2 Release Items

  • JQ integrated into DRP CLI – eliminates the need for installing JQ as a stand alone requirement.
  • BSDTAR integrated into DRP Server – eliminates the need for installing bsdtar on the server
  • Human/table formats for DRPCLI – makes it easier to read DRP output
  • DRP CLI can install itself as a persistent agent – from script contexts makes it easier to run DRP runner as a service
  • Plugins use Websocket events – migrate for legacy event model to improve stability.
  • UX Save in Header – makes it easier to have multiple edits on the same item

    UX diff view – allow operator to compare new vs installed content (fixes regression)

  • Updated license retrieval and install process – streamline process so that multiple users do not need RackN logins if a license is installed
  • UX bulk actions for Endpoints – useful for multi-site management

Beta Items

  • Bootstrap Agent Integrated into DRP Server – allows for on DRP server operations without use of Dangerzone context (v4.2)


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