Rob was on the Cloud Talk Show (ep 16) with Larry Smithmier and Ralph Rivas.

Join Ralph and Larry as they talk to Rob Hirschfeld about how he is helping solve the problems below the cloud. RackN helps companies work with bare metal (not metal bears) programatically, so you can refactor your data center to meet changing needs.

We talk at the high level, but if you want to dig into some of the details about what goes on underneath a Continuously Integrated Data Center (CI DC) implementation you can read through Rob’s slides from a September 2019 presentation.

Since the video is a little long (52mins), here’s a breakdown of the video:

00:00 Intro
01:35 Introduction Rob
03:13 RackN
07:32 Dell Servers
12:10 Aha Moment
15:18 Getting Started
18:03 Machine Configurations
19:22 Bare Metal
20:52 Immutable
22:28 Big Kubernetes Clusters
24:32 Upgrade Nightmare
25:24 Moving Workloads
29:55 Infrastructure as Code
35:23 CICD Pipeline
36:55 Composability
40:38 Resilience and Speed


April 10, 2020




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