Self-TrialIntroducing Edge Lab for data center class automation and platforms on your desktop

With cloud, it’s too easy to get detached from the hardware that’s actually running under all those amazing platforms.  But what if there was an affordable way to duplicate the data center API ops experience?  One without the cost, noise and time required to DIY? One that teaches in-demand skills like Kubernetes?

Edge Lab adds Raspberry Pi support to Digital Rebar allowing operators to quickly and cost-effectively get a fully functional multi-node cluster.

While multi-node clusters may be overkill for personal projects, they do provide a valuable hands-on learning environment that translates into real enterprise and edge data center skills. With so much of IT moving to the cloud thereby abstracting away choices, the Edge Lab makes it easy to gain practical hardware experience – translating into a wider expertise since Digital Rebar automation is hardware and operating system agnostic.

The Edge Lab project found at is a completely self-contained, on-desk environment made from four (4) Raspberry Pis.  Digital Rebar runs completely local and provides a gateway between the working cluster and your network and handles all the PXE and operating system installations for your cluster.  Since the system downloads Infrastructure-as-Code modules from the RackN catalog, no firewall rules or VPNs are required.  You can use the infrastructure APIs to completely automate platforms with Terraform, Ansible or other tools.  Then you can also use the built in automation to quickly install Kubernetes (k3s) and OpenFaaS.

Edge Lab reduces DIY time by empowering reuse and community sharing.

The Edge Lab project is an open reference architecture that is part of the larger Digital Rebar operator community. We welcome operators and users of personal labs who want to build, share and contribute to make this initiative even stronger.  As part of the Digital Rebar community, your desktop cluster also shares lessons learned operating multinational banking, gaming, telco and hyperscale environments.

Interested?  Visit for a link to order components for your own desktop data center.

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