As a VMware TAP Partner, RackN offer highly integrated VCF solutions.  Read more!

Fully Secure Infrastructure as Code Bare Metal Cluster Automation

Using VMware secure processes and signed components, only RackN is able to deliver fully automated cluster bootstrapping process and VCF handoff. Our enterprise proven solution not only verifies, updates and conforms the multi-vendor physical environment pre-installation, the automation integrates deeply with VMware APIs to enable advanced security configurations including end-to-end secure boot.

The RackN platform is both hardware agnostic and amazingly fast. Customers select their best fit hardware vendor(s) and Digital Rebar builds functional vCenter clusters in as little as 30 minutes without any manual intervention.

Key Benefits of Automating Hardware Deployment with RackN

First Mile Installation and Reinstallation for VCF includes preparing infrastructure for a VCF installation is usually a manual, error-prone process requiring weeks of expensive operational or consulting support. RackN is an enterprise-ready solution that will minimize total installation time using automation.

  • Zero-touch automation eliminates manual processes.
  • Supports multi-vendor, heterogeneous environments, and performs complete RAID, BIOS and networking setup.
  • Automatically integrate validated ESXi installations to VCF without using spreadsheets.
  • Enables rapid testing (“repaving”) allowing for iterative validation.
  • Enterprise ready: integrates with existing operational platforms including Ansible, Terraform, Bluecat and Infoblox.

Foundational Security that supports VCF Intrinsic Security improves process controls, compliance, and hardware conformance checks before CloudBuilder begins a VCF installation, enabling the automation of security for the entire infrastructure automation chain.


Video discusses key solution components

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