Today, we are pleased to announce the release of RackN Digital Rebar v4.6. RackN Infrastructure as Code management helps companies struggling with exploding infrastructure complexity. With this release, RackN solves consistency and integration challenges by enabling Continuous Provisioning Automation.

Digital Rebar v4.6 enables continuous provisioning automation with self-contained high availability and multi-platform universal workflow. This latest version makes immutable, dynamic cloud native practices available across the enterprise IT estate from on-premises data centers, colocation, public cloud, and edge

The new release is immediately available for download and installation from

Immutable, dynamic cloud native practices are now available across the enterprise IT estate – on-premises, colocation, cloud, and edge.

An enviable list of Fortune 50, FAANG, and hyperscale organizations rely on our API-driven, Infrastructure as Code software to manage tens of thousands of servers for their globally distributed infrastructure. 

Treat provisioning and configuration services as core infrastructure to enable continuous provisioning automation

Provisioning and configuration are rarely treated as mission critical parts of an infrastructure. However, these operational duties are are fundamental to data center operation. Successfully executing base provisioning and configuration enables the building of continuous deployment pipelines. These pipelines create the foundation for all infrastructure. Ultimately, automation can be built into every layer of the infrastructure after that solid foundation has been laid.

Treating provisioning and configuration services as core infrastructure management and making them resilient is a huge breakthrough for infrastructure operations teams. Finally, immutable and dynamic cloud-native practices are available to every aspect of an enterprise’s IT estate.

Digital Rebar is the only full-stack continuous provisioning automation platform to offer integrated multi-node resilience. This new version introduces self-contained high availability that enhances existing enterprise scale and other core features. With this suite of capabilities, RackN customers are building mission critical automation pipelines. This enables their operations teams to deliver seamless, fast, reliable and cost-effective infrastructure wherever it’s needed: on premises, in co-locations, on the cloud, and at the edge.

Digital Rebar v4.6 highlights

Integrated High Availability

Digital Rebar v4.6 eliminates all external dependencies for high availability by incorporating a consensus storage algorithm deeply into the core of the existing core storage system. Considerable changes were made behind the scenes to strengthen the service. As a result, current external APIs did not change for existing customers. 

For v4.6, everything new customers need to build an HA system is included. Provisioning and bootstrapping operations are critical to maintaining data center uptime. This new feature ensures operators can always perform these critical operations by integrating High Availability into the core Digital Rebar system . It enables resilient edge locations where resources may not allow for the additional services required to create redundancy.

In other words, this feature is core to providing continuous provisioning automation.

Multi-Platform Universal Workflow

Universal Workflow is a standard process that reliably delivers machines (usually servers) from discovery, maintenance, upgrade patch, and decommissioning in a multi-vendor, distributed, standard manner.

Integrated automation pipelines facilitate ever-increasing scale and standardization as the demands of the business multiply. This predictable multi-platform automation is an enabler of continuous provisioning automation.

Updated Discovery and Management Image

Digital Rebar infrastructure pipelines include use of an in-memory discovery and recovery environment.  The latest version of this environment, known as Sledgehammer, is based on Centos 8 and will become the standard for production users.

Updates to Hardware BIOS and RAID tooling

Digital Rebar v4.6 incorporates upstream tooling updates from multiple hardware vendors.  The firmware content takes advantage of the significant upgrades to the BIOS, firmware, and RAID tooling published by vendors that Digital Rebar supports, including AMD processors.

Operating System Updates

Support was added or significantly improved for these Operating Systems:

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • RHEL/Centos 8 (via Image Deploy)
  • RHEL/Centos 8 (via Network Deploy)
  • VMware Photon
  • VMware ESXi (via Image Deploy)

Consult RackN for a comprehensive list of additional supported operating systems.

RackN UX Scale and Debugger View

The RackN UX for Digital Rebar was refactored to improve performance for larger environments. In addition to improved browser-side caching, event subscriptions are optimized based on views to reduce load on both client and server.

To better assist developers, the RackN UX added a jobs monitor to observe live workflow execution. This helps developers monitor a whole workflow lifecycle while providing additional tools for debugging, stepping, and restarting.

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