In the life cycle of building an IaC and DevOps product there are phases of enormous growth and innovation. Our features are blooming like flowers (or onions!) and the architecture yields powerful new use cases and benefits. Great news if you’re looking for IaC orchestration features.

In these cycles, the capabilities of a product can outpace people’s ability to absorb what happened six months ago. That happened for Digital Rebar v4.8 where we added enormous capabilities for Day Two operations, resource abstractions and orchestration.

At the end of that release, we asked how do we revolutionize the use and on-boarding of these features?

We needed to turn this powerful IaC orchestration into something that makes our operators confident in adapting their process into these new integrative approaches.  And that’s a big part of what release v4.10 is about

Interactive Labs teach Digital Rebar and IaC concepts

Even if you’re not interested in Infrastructure as Code (gasp!), the innovation of these interactive Labs is worth a look. If you are interested in Infrastructure as Code, it’s never been easier to get started! Interactive Labs can introduce you to the IaC thought processes that help our customers drive incredible ROIs across globally distributed massive scale infrastructure.

What are RackN Interactive Labs

We’ve added a layer of interactive training and tutorials right into the Digital Rebar Portal.

RackN Interactive Labs

These labs guide you through using our powerful IaC orchestration features step by step, feature by feature.  The labs not only tell you how to do it, but show you. Embedded links go directly to the objects and areas that you’re editing. These labs provide quick, adaptive feedback that makes it easy to gain skills in Infrastructure as Code orchestration and building infrastructure pipelines, not just in how to use Digital Rebar. 

And the training isn’t just for Digital Rebar features. We designed Labs as a customer extensible capability so you can add  labs specific to your environment.  Document your own processes and specialized automation then build training labs for your teams directly in your unique Digital Rebar system.

Plus the labs’ content is automatically converted into documentation pages for easy consumption outside of the portal.

Of course, Labs are not the only thing we’ve done! 

Release v4.10 includes important IaC orchestration features

We’ve also:

  • Added a new Alerts system
  • Improved operator statistics and visualizations in the UX
  • Made it much easier to set up air gapped systems
  • Enhanced our Terraform drift and linting integration
  • Improved advanced API data queries.
  • Plus a preview feature that lets Digital Rebar act as a proxy for secure console access to managed machines!

Please review the release notes for details and the complete list!

Improved Operator statistics


August 9, 2022




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