With the summer and our website refresh coming to a successful end, we sat down with marketing intern Kiera Quinn. We wanted to know what she learned in her time at RackN.

Q: Can you tell us about your role this summer?

Hello, I’m Kiera! I was brought on to help prepare for a website refresh, which was tied to our v4.10 release. I worked on refreshing copy on the site as well as helping with the formatting and smoothing the transition over. Additionally, I assisted in analyzing competitor SEO and pricing behavior.

Q: What challenges did you face this summer?

The biggest challenge for me was my inexperience with the IT infrastructure industry. It was a steep learning curve! I went from essentially being unaware of the importance of the industry to writing marketing copy for it. I found that the new Labs a fellow intern helped build were a great resource. They helped me get hands-on experience and understanding of the abilities of provisioning and automation.

Q: Why is a website refresh so important?

While the old website had much of the same functionality and content it was important to update it to bring it up to speed as RackN and Digital Rebar have grown, both in new features and in presence. The messaging needed to be updated to better fit the current market and gaps in the overall story filled in.

A big gap I tackled was the addition of our Orchestration as Code page, which addressed an important facet of Digital Rebar that was under-represented on the website. 

Q: What issues did you face?

The biggest hurdle I found was educating myself quickly enough to accurately write about the nuances of orchestration. I needed to learn how Digital Rebar sets itself apart in that aspect. It took a lot of researching. I broke down other competitors’ features to get a full picture of the unique benefits of Digital Rebar. I especially needed to learn how that tied into Digital Rebar’s features as a whole.

There was also difficulty in using the chosen site theme builder, as I had quite a few issues with its formatting and how it would display on different screen aspects. It, too, took a decent amount of time to become familiar with its UX and functionality enough to be able to translate intended design into reality.

Q: Do you think the new website will have an impact on RackN?

I believe that potential customers will have a better understanding of the abilities of Digital Rebar to improve their infrastructure, so I would like to think so! I’m proud of the work I got to do on the site, and it won’t stop there! I hope to help make it even better by adjusting the website further based on what the website statistics highlights as opportunities for improvement. 

Q: Is there something that you’re looking forward to next?

Yes, I can’t wait to help make the website even more compelling with further adjustments and new content! I’ll be working on a consistent stream of blog posts for RackN, as well as helping create customer use cases to highlight our ability to assist customers in succeeding in their operations. I’m excited to take on another aspect of marketing for the website so that I can further improve the website in different ways.

Take a look around the new site!

We invite you to spend some time clicking around the new RackN.com to see all the changes made. Kiera welcomes any feedback you may have, so leave a comment or reach out if you have any input!


September 1, 2022