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Working with the biggest banks, services providers and media companies, we’ve learned how successful Infrastructure as Code (IaC) initiatives transform your IT delivery and operations processes.

Join us on a six part discovery about lessons learned scaling IaC in this TFiR interview series.  Rob and Swapnil dive deeply into five core disciplines that build and scale Infrastructure as Code practice.

Five points to scaling Infrastructure as Code
From Techstrong.tv Scaling IaC, Terraform, Ansible and GitOps With Infrastructure Pipelines

These interviews, based on deep RackN experience from working with customers running over 50,000 systems globally, include pragmatic guidelines will help you scale your existing DevOps operations and development teams. 

In this introductory segment, we review basics for building an organization that can collaborate and collaborate around IaC.  Some of the topics discussed:

This interview series will address the challenges of scaling IaC as well.  We’ve talked about the benefits, but Swapnil and Rob discuss the “how” behind it too.

Of course, you don’t have to wait to get started on your Infrastructure as Code journey!  Learn how Digital Rebar delivers on the promise of scaled Infrastructure as Code at the most foundational level. 

Want to see it in action?  Schedule a demo or start a self-trial today!


September 14, 2022




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