Global banks, service providers and media companies rely on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) initiatives to transform their IT delivery and operations processes. We know, because we help our customers scale Infrastructure as Code across multi-clouds.

As you get started with IaC, it can seem overwhelming. That is why we partnered with TFiR to break down the basics concepts needed to scale infrastructure as code.

Join us on a six part discovery about lessons learned scaling IaC in this TFiR interview series.  Rob and Swapnil dive deeply into five core disciplines that build and scale Infrastructure as Code practice.

Five points to scaling Infrastructure as Code
From Scaling IaC, Terraform, Ansible and GitOps With Infrastructure Pipelines

These interviews, based on deep RackN experience from working with customers running over 50,000 systems globally, include pragmatic guidelines will help you scale your existing DevOps operations and development teams. 

This interview series will address the challenges of scaling IaC as well.  We’ve talked about the benefits, but Swapnil and Rob discuss the “how” behind it too.

Scale Infrastructure as Code Episodes

  1. What Is Infrastructure As Code & Why It Matters
    In the first episode, we lay some foundation for the series by explaining: what is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)? Why it matters to developers and operators?
  2. How Does GitOps Help Scale Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
    This episode explores the roles version control, immutability, and orchestration play in enabling safer systems and helping to build scalable infrastructure.
  3. IaC Helps Simplify Distributed Environments
    What are the main challenges of navigating distributed environments, and can infrastructure as code can help solve those pain points.
  4. Repeatability In IaC
    Can automation play a role in solving repeatability challenges? What does it mean to have consistency across the system, and what are some of the common misconceptions around it?
  5. Observability In Cloud-Native Environments
    How does monitoring and logging fit in with observability, and how can these methods improve the health of systems? What are common observability challenges, and how they can be solved?
  6. Collaboration In IaC
    We wrap up the series discussing fundamental challenges organizations are struggling with today, and how IaC and the ability to take advantage of RackN’s library of modules can help build resilient, future-proof systems and foster collaboration.

Check out episode one: Why IaC?

Learn, walk, run

Of course, you don’t have to wait to get started on your Infrastructure as Code journey! 

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