RackN provides a platform for reliable IaC automation. That is a critical component for Ops organizations supporting Development teams.  However, we don’t try to solve every problem for every user. We recognize that the Dev and Ops platform needs are different.  For that reason, our focus is on helping with the Infrastructure side of Platform Engineering work. 

RackN Digital Rebar empowers operations teams to deliver amazing self-service experiences. We provide a robust API-driven infrastructure that is easily connected to a wide range of developer and business tools. But we realize this may be a new world for operations teams.

Learning about platform engineering

To help you on your journey, we will be offering a series of complimentary Gartner® Platform Engineering related reports.  We believe these curated selections will help Infrastructure and Operations leaders like you to better understand the challenges facing Enterprises.  We will help ground this analysis with pragmatic examples using Digital Rebar, DevOps discussions on the2030.cloud, and RackN customer stories about enterprise use-cases.

For this reason, we selected “3 Steps to Kickstart Platform Engineering in Your Organization” by Bill Blosen, Manjunath Bhat, George Spafford (10 November 2022 – ID G00775381) as the perfect series starting point. 

The struggle is real

While Gartner provides concrete and actionable steps to help you along your Platform Engineering journey, they also clearly articulate the challenge:

“Navigating this landscape of tools and processes places a high cognitive load on product teams and negatively impacts the developer experience. As a result, complex workflows are a major roadblock to accelerating the delivery of business value. They also lead to developer frustration and dissatisfaction.”

We see this frustration as our customers struggle to achieve simultaneous success in automation, control plane and orchestration.  Too often, operators feel pressure to replace or bypass governance systems to better service developers’ needs.

RackN Digital Rebar focuses on enterprise success


First, our API-driven approach ensures that it is easy to integrate Digital Rebar into existing enterprise systems as part of a larger automation, orchestration and control effort. 


Second, our core focus on reliability ensures that automation built around Digital Rebar works as consistently and transparently.  Platform Engineering efforts require integrating systems together and it’s impossible to succeed without high reliability.

As operations empower development teams to make their own decisions, a single pane of glass will remain elusive. However, enterprises can still build a consistent and converging operational landscape.  RackN Digital Rebar is the keystone for that success.

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