Does it ever feel like once you’ve selected a server vendor, you’re stuck with what they offer for life? Vendor selection and server refreshes can be stressful. But did you know you don’t have to marry your server vendor?

What if you didn’t have to choose?

If your organization is like many others, your workloads are constantly evolving. This means the best vendor for one use case may not be consistently strong in others.  Often, the individual feature strengths of one server vendor may change over time, especially as vendors work to leapfrog each other.  And as we’ve seen over the last several years, supply chain resilience and negotiation positioning require alternatives so your business isn’t impacted.

If you’re married to your server vendor, you may not have the flexibility to overcome these challenges. The competitive server market provides excellent choices. However, perhaps the best server choice is to be prepared to mix vendors.

Abstract servers and play the field

IaC (infrastructure as code) will help you deal with constantly changing infrastructure components, whether you stick with one server or decide to use more than one vendor in your datacenter. When you run your entire bare metal infrastructure as code,  you can reuse automation components across vendors infrastructures, and sites. RackN Digital Rebar has a catalog of workflows that is composed of thousands of modular integrations, definitions, templates and automation blocks. We make it simple to move them from one server vendor to another. 

You may be worried about having to manage separate server vendor clusters, but that’s where the beauty of IaC shines through! That complicated management method is replaced with reusable, modular workflows. The Digital Rebar built-in libraries can get you started with the common workflows that are easy to customize.

Imagine creating an organization- wide library of workflows and pipelines that meet corporate standards that scales IaC to any server vendor!  Digital Rebar provides a declarative API that helps you create on-premises pooling automation, fast hardware reset times, and dual operational modes

Next Steps

We know how important it is to get the most from current and past server investments.  That’s why RackN has helped customers manage their on-premises datacenters through many generations of hardware innovation.  

Gartner Market Guide for Servers

The January 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Servers report has been published, and we’re in it. Follow this link to learn more.› Access the Report

“Market Guide for Servers” report from Gartner® and authored by Tony Harvey and others (25 January 2023 – ID G00729953

We can help make your automation seamless and portable. It doesn’t matter what type of infrastructure you use!  It all starts with a visit to for a self-trial or demo.





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