Get off the Break-Fix Merry-Go-Round

Improve your operations’ KPIs up to 40% with better bare metal infrastructure management and automation.

Break the cycle with a 10x Ops Advantage



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Eliminate infrastructure drag on the software development process

Run every infrastructure component as code, choreograph event-driven infrastructure and give developers a way to provision any infrastructure on demand.

Accelerate delivery and mitigate risk with reusable workflows

Build modular, easy to customize workflows that are easy to integrate and are reusable on any site as well as adhere to corporate requirements.

Achieve consistent results with infrastructure pipelines

Stop reinventing and reuse automation components across your organization, on top of integrating the tools you already have.

Digital Rebar Scales IaC

Digital Rebar Platform

Create workflows that use IaC to manage the complete lifecycle of cloud, metal, and edge infrastructures. Automate it all in an event-driven environment and provide self-service infrastructure.

Orchestration as Code

What if there was a more manageable way to allow individual systems to continue to refine, add, change their behavior after they were provisioned?

Provisioning & Configuration

Is it possible for on-premises data centers to compete with the provisioning automation capabilities of the public cloud?

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a repeatable, integrated process that bridges infrastructure into an automation chain.

Distributed Infrastructure

How IT organizations ensure applications are always deployed to the architecture that will provide the best performance.

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