Don’t have infrastructure for a self-trial?

Request a hosted trial.

Trial Environments

Trial environments are available for non-production use by existing customers and qualified prospects.

Who Qualifies?

Users of the trial system must be known credentialed individuals. No anonymous or delegated use is permitted.

The duration of the trial will be determined in advance with the option to extend by 30 day increments. 

License & Restrictions

By requesting a trial, users have agreed to the RackN terms of service and EULA.

During a hosted trial, RackN will have and maintain access to the trial system.  Confidential, sensitive information should never be added or included on the trial system. That includes production keys, tokens or access passwords.

Use of the trial system is strictly at RackN discretion and may be terminated at  anytime without prior notice.   Use of the provided infrastructure for non-Trial uses is prohibited.