Digital Rebar is a container-ready, infrastructure-as-code provisioning and orchestration platform that provides software deployment automation capabilities without locking you into a specific hardware platform or operating model.

Our mission: embrace the heterogeneous nature of data center operations.

The principal motivation for Digital Rebar is to collaborate on a technology that revolutionizes how traditional data center infrastructure operations can gracefully absorb next-generation workloads without churn and additional technological complexity. Digital Rebar capability enables upgrade and continuous deployment automation which is important for large scale, production-scale deployments of evolving complex technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, and Ceph.

start-anywhere-simpleDigital Rebar is an open reference implementation that can be designed to reliably deployed in large-scale, multi-site datacenters. This effectively productizes best practices in a way that allows creation of consistent and discoverable operating environments. Users benefit with fast time-to-value and the community benefits by having consistent installations across the ecosystem.

Digital Rebar Features

  • Open platform for DevOps provisioning supporting multiple hardware, CMDB and operating system vendors
  • Provides the foundation for operations automation
  • Open reference implementation that can be deployed in large-scale, multi-site data centers
  • Allows creation of consistent and discoverable operating environmentstest-drive

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