Based on the Digital Rebar open source project, RackN solves the interoperability, dependency, and compatibility issues that arise from the use of multiple technologies in multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructures by breaking up technical and operational components into functional, atomic units. Once these units are broken down to the component level, RackN can determine how they operate independently and behave as part of a single or multiple system by assigning roles to each of these units.


This architecture is necessary for environments that are dynamic and require iterative re-provisioning and constant upgrades, while being prone to misconfiguration due to constant change. Since RackN is able to integrate with leading cloud management and CMDB tools, such as Chef and Puppet, current operations and development can be optimized.

RackN believes CIOs, developers, cloud and IT operators should focus on developing and operating, not on the deployment and provisioning issues that surround networking, server, storage, platform misconfigurations, and API compatibility issues.

Thus, RackN is architected to abstract away the configuration issues of the “snowflaked” multi-cloud hybrid infrastructure environment