Joining us this week is the team from Blockchain Technology Partners: Duncan-Johnston-Watt, Kevin O’Donnell, and Mike Zaccardo live from GlueCon 2018 in Colorado. Blockchain Technology Partners is an Edinburgh-based technology startup: Mission – to radically simplify the enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies Goal – to reduce the cost and complexityContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Rich Miller, CEO and Managing Director of Telematica, Inc. Highlights GitHub and Microsoft Discussion ~ Why is GitHub so Valuable? Evolution of Open Source and its Commercial Aspects Monetization of Open Source Depends on Services for Success Container Management and Marketplace for Innovation ISV EcosystemContinue Reading

Welcome to the RackN and Digital Rebar Weekly Review. You will find the latest news related to Edge, DevOps, SRE and other relevant topics. RackN Solutions – Automation Automation is not simply taking manual tasks and replacing them with a machine. Rather, it is a methodology to assemble hardware andContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Aaron Delp, Director of Technical Solutions, Cohesity. Aaron and Brian Gracely manage the well-known podcast, The Cloudcast, with over 340 podcasts. Highlights Data returns to the data center in data transformation Best of breed world and impact of refresh cycles on hardware and software DataContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Jordan Rinke, Principal Software Engineer, Walmart Labs. Jordan offers his views on various technologies and open source projects as it relates to the scale and connectivity issues faced by Walmart. Highlights Technical Gaps in Kubernetes Technologies and Installer Issues Tooling and Orchestration Focus for KubernetesContinue Reading

The open source Digital Rebar Provision (DRP) solution provides a basic set of features that are enhanced with plugins offering additional services to customers. These plugins are provided by the Digital Rebar community, customers, partners, and RackN delivering significant value over and above the base provisioning capability of DRP. RackNContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Mark Imbriaco, Global CTO DevOps, Pivotal. Mark’s view of ops and open source from a platform perspective as it relates to SRE offers listeners a high-level approach to these concepts that is not often heard. Highlights Site Reliability Engineering – Introduction and Advanced Discussion EdgeContinue Reading

Joining us this week is John Willis, VP DevOps and Digital Practices, SJ Technologies known for many things including being at the initial DevOps meeting in Europe, co-founder of the DevOpsDays events, and the DevOps Café podcast. Highlights Introduction to the Phoenix Project and the new audio Beyond the PhoenixContinue Reading

Shane Gibson, Sr. Architect and Community Evangelist, RackN created a new Digital Rebar Provision (DRP) video highlighting immutable provisioning from a “golden image” as well as the ability to create that “golden image” from within Digital Rebar Provision. Highlights: Immutable Image Deployment Solution to 20 Target Bare Metal Machines CreationContinue Reading

Rob Hirschfeld, CEO/Co-Founder, RackN created a new Digital Rebar Provision (DRP) video highlighting the creation of virtual machines within the standard automation process. Highlights: Create a New Virtual Machine from the Physical Provisioning Tool – DRP VirtualBox IMPI Plugin – Preview of Pre-Release Tool RackN Portal will inventory virtual machinesContinue Reading