Joining us this week is Yves Boudreau from Ericsson for his 2nd Podcast appearance (1st Podcast) to talk about the new State of the Edge Report and the latest happenings in the Edge community. Highlights Edge as an accelerant not having to wait until Edge is built completely Opportunity CostContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Haseeb Budhani, Co-Founder and CEO, Rafay Systems. About Rafay Systems Rafay Systems enables next generation performance improvements for SaaS applications delivered over the Internet. Rafay’s Programmable Edge™ platform equips developers with a disruptive set of tools to automatically deploy performance and geography sensitive applications, orContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Richard Primeaux, Head of Product and Strategy, Hangar Technology. About Hangar Technology Hangar, headquartered in Austin, TX, with a mission to unify the full stack of software essential to power autonomous robotics-as-a-system. A platform to be implemented for the empowerment of an array of capital,Continue Reading

Joining us this week is Mike D. Kail, previously the CTO of Cybric and Yahoo’s CIO and SVP of Infrastructure. Highlights RANT Cast on Cybersecurity Regulations from Governments Security is Important but NOT a Priority Culture around Security is Lacking Time for Security Tech to Include UI Testing and ConsiderContinue Reading

Joining us this week is James Ferguson, Director of Cloud Consulting, JBC Labs. About JBC Labs Looking to automate your cloud and on-prem solutions? Needing to see faster CI/CD on AWS, GCP or Azure? Or perhaps ETL processing that makes your team and users of information more productive? JBC LabsContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Scott Lowe, Staff Field Engineer at Heptio recorded at Interop ITX 2018. Scott is well known for his impact on virtualization and VMware, follow him at his weblog and podcast called The Full Stack Journey. Highlights Coming new to container space and view of infrastructureContinue Reading

Joining us this week is the team from Blockchain Technology Partners: Duncan-Johnston-Watt, Kevin O’Donnell, and Mike Zaccardo live from GlueCon 2018 in Colorado. Blockchain Technology Partners is an Edinburgh-based technology startup: Mission – to radically simplify the enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies Goal – to reduce the cost and complexityContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Simon Crosby, CTO at SWIM.AI. Simon discusses the architecture for Edge and its differences from existing cloud infrastructure and how the SWIM.AI solution meets the needs for Edge services.         Highlights Challenges in Edge Data is Complete Disruption in Current Models Don’tContinue Reading

Welcome to the RackN and Digital Rebar Weekly Review. You will find the latest news related to Edge, DevOps, SRE and other relevant topics. L8ist Sh9y Podcast Goes Solo in New Blog For active followers of the L8istSh9y podcast we are pleased to announce a new “home” at WeContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Matt Trifiro, CMO of Matt offers insight into how Edge infrastructure and 5G will be deployed to meet the increased demand for low latency, high data distributed technology. Highlights Edge is a place: the last mile network Jitter at the Edge (Jitter definition) DataContinue Reading