The Hidden Complexity Apocalypse: Pandora’s Box or Jevons Paradox?

Building infrastructures where the systems are completely hidden from the people building applications is a very powerful thing. Consider what it takes to create an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform. It isn’t necessary to build the actual machine learning platforms, learn how to build models or learn neural networking computational methods. Hidden complexity makes

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About RackN

We believe that operators should be able to maintain control, consistency and choice over their infrastructure without requiring prescriptive appliances or managed offerings. RackN was founded with vision of operators working together to improve IT operations through shared software and community regardless of infrastructure type. Leadership Team

RackN Success Cycle

The RackN Success Cycle

The key to adopting ground-breaking automation technology is the processes that it enables. The RackN Success Cycle helps customers create a sustained positive feedback loop for their operational practices across their entire IT estate.