Recommended Read: Gartner Mitigating Firmware Security Risks

If you are a Gartner subscriber, RackN recommends reading “How to Mitigate Firmware Security Risks in Data Centers, and Public and Private Clouds” by Tony Harvey.

This excellent paper discusses why having a process for patching firmware is critical for businesses.

It goes on to add that enabling the security features of hardware (TPM, Secure Boot and Signature Validation) are quickly becoming required features for data center infrastructure.

If you have questions, please contact RackN.  We can help map these requirements into Digital Rebar capabilities.


This week, premier CloudFoundry consultancy Stark and Wayne posed about their Digital Rebar integration for CoreOS, CloudFoundry and Kubernetes.  This work integrates with their DRP MoltenCore content pack.

Having just a plain CoreOS machine is not as useful in itself, however CoreOS can be used as a building block for building clusters. DRP exposes some powerful primitives for orchestrating common cluster patterns, through the use of shared profiles which are updated by the machines themselves. This simple primitive can be used to implement master election, rolling updates, and distribution of bootstrap token.  – Roben Koster

For more details, please see

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