Container workloads have the potential to redefine how we think about scale and hosted infrastructure. Last Fall, Ubiquity Hosting and RackN announced a 200 node Docker Swarm cluster as a phase one of our collaboration. Unlike cloud-based container workloads demonstrations, we chose to run this cluster directly on the bareContinue Reading

We’re so excited about our in-process release that we’ve been relatively quiet about the last OpenCrowbar Drill release (video tour here).  That’s not a fair reflection of the level of capability and maturity reflected in the code base; yes, Drill’s purpose was to set the stage for truly ground breakingContinue Reading

By Rob Hirschfeld Cloud Ops is a brutal business: operators are expected to maintain a stable and robust operating environment while also embracing waves of disruptive changes using unproven technologies. While we want to promote these promising new technologies, the unicorns, operators still have to keep the lights on; consequently,Continue Reading