A Weekly Lunch at Learn and Discussion

Each week we’ll have a guest speaker cover a DevOps/SRE related topic for 15 minutes. The goal is to provide some short informational content or field stories and a chance to connect and discuss how we’re building better at-a-distance operational practices.


LINK TO LIVE EVENT (of course, this only works Tuesday 2 ET/11 PT)

Or, Preregister Here for calendar invites!

ZERO MARKETING PLEDGE – This is a community event. RackN does not use or share the registration emails.  

Upcoming Speakers (thinking of speaking? it’s easy!  See prep notes below):

  • 8/11: Q&A with Chris Short about his no good, very bad AWS bill.
  • Contact Rob on twitter or LinkedIn to if you want to speak or suggest a speaker
  • 8/18: TBD Managing DevOps teams – Group Discussion
  • 8/25: Observability w/ Charity Majors
  • TBD: Patch vs Put w @lindybrandon
  • 9/1: Paths to adopting IPv6 w Ed Horley [@ehorley]

Past Speakers [Our Youtube Playlist]:

  1. 4/21: “JQ in depth” w @rackngo team @zehicle [Rob Hirschfeld, material, recording]
  2. 4/28: “Not to late to Automate” w @mrlesmithjr [Larry Smith Jr, recording]
  3. 5/5: “Executive Toolkit for Outages in the Age of DevOps” w @josh_atwell [Josh Atwell, recording]
  4. 5/12 “IaC w Terraform” w @discoposse [Eric Wright, recording]
  5. 5/19 “Data Gravity” w @mccrory [Dave McCrory, recording]
  6. 5/26: IaC w Paul Stack (@stack72) from Pulumi [recording]
  7. 6/2: “Building Raspberry PI supercomputers” w @0xF2 [Federico Lucifredi, RPi recording, HPC recording]
    1. This was a double session – recording has been split to reflect both parts
  8. 6/9: Tips & Tricks for Attending Online Conferences w @CTOAdvisor [Keith Townsend, Video]
  9. 6/16: Can you be Agile and DevOps? w @trafalgargirl [Sherri McGurnaghan, Video]
  10. 6/23: Tracking cloud performance differences w @paulrteich [Paul Teich, recording]
  11. 6/30: Vets Who Code w Jerome Hardaway [@JeromeHardaway, recording]
  12. 7/7: Failures of Min Viable Product (MVP) approach w/ Rob Hirschfeld [@zehicle, recording]
  13. 7/14: Skaffold and customized CI pipelines w @john_scharber, video
  14. 7/21: Operating at the Edge Discussion based on Twitter Discussion [video]
  15. 7/28: Migrating Firewalls from IPTable to something that works w Carl Perry [@edolnx, video]
  16. 8/4: QA and DevOps teams – Group Discussion [no recording]

Standing Agenda:

0-15 minutes: welcome, hello, catch-up
15-30 minutes: speaker topic of the week
30-45 minutes: Q&A / discussion

Ground rules:

  • NO COVID rehash or “latest COVID news discussions”
  • Video Optional – we’re eating lunch, don’t need to watch you eat or expect grooming
  • This is NOT a sponsored event, but vendor topics or discussions are welcome.
  • Sessions are recorded, so don’t assume “Friend NDA”

Speaker Prep / Notes

  • Sessions are casual and interaction/discussion is encouraged.
  • Topics
    • There are no specific rules on topics: deep dive technical, rant, tell stories or general observations are fine.
    • Plan to talk/present for 10 to 15 minutes to frame the discussion – longer is OK.
  • Format
    • If you have 15 minutes of content, please think about points to help drive the discussion.
    • Slides / Demos / Outline are optional.  If they help you, please use them!
  • Timing
    • We socialize for the first 15 minutes of the session then do the presentation
    • We stop at the top of the hour, please plan to wind up at :55
  • Strongly recommend checking out recordings of previous sessions