Digital Rebar: Hybrid Underlay Automation for SREs by SREs.

Digital Rebar is the Open, Unified Platform to Manage Heterogeneous Infrastructure


Google SRE Book explains how to run infrastructure like Google.

Challenges in Open Source Infrastructure Tooling:

  • Siloed Tools, Platforms and Infrastructure
  • Mix and Match Open Source Tools and Products
  • Lack of Enterprise Concerns: Security, HA, Upgrade
  • Limited Hardware Management
  • Composable Management Abstraction for Physical and Cloud Infrastructure
  • Focus Up-Stack on Value Add Technology
  • Full Life-Cycle Automation across DataCenters
  • Physical Provisioning Capabilities supporting existing infrastructure; reduce need for new gear
RackN, Digital Rebar founders, provides SRE Consulting and Support for RackN Enterprise Deployments. Contact us today for a initial consultation and we will send you the Google Site Reliability Engineering book.