KRIB: Zero Touch Install & Upgrade

We have a complete library of Kubernetes installation videos.

To encourage broader adoption of Kubernetes and support an ecosystem, RackN built highly streamlined on-premises and colo bare metal implementations of Kubernetes that:

  1. Delivers a self-contained Zero to Kubernetes experience
  2. Aligns with cloud-native architecture
  3. Fits a wide range of infrastructure models starting with bare metal
  4. Minimizes complexity for operators
  5. Supports Highly-distributed, zero-touch Telco/Edge use cases.

Starting from the most basic components, we use Digital Rebar API driven infrastructure (IaaS) to build and maintain a Kubernetes cluster on general purpose infrastructure.

  1. The ongoing state of the Kubernetes cluster should be incorporated into the IaaS control functions.
  2. The IaaS should have sufficient internal state to manage and report all infrastructure operations.

Digital Rebar provides all the infrastructure controls and workflow required to build and integrate with a running Kubernetes cluster.