Digital Rebar (aka DRP) is a provisioning and workflow platform that uses open composable content containing templates and scripts for server provisioning and configuration.  It also allows for service-side API extensions known as plugins.

The composable nature of Digital Rebar allows operators to mix and match content from various sources including the open community, RackN proprietary, and custom/internal packages developed by operators.

RackN supports the Digital Rebar Ecosystem  by integrating the system, curating community repositories, and supporting related open source packages.

These packages include Linux OS provisioning, automation scripts and management including multi-path provisioning, resource pool management, out-of-band management (IPMI), firmware setting, system classification / inventory, and best practice integrations.

The RackN Digital Rebar platform core enables enterprise features like RBAC, Multi-Tenant, SSO and the on-premises UX.