Digital Rebar Platform

Digital Rebar Platform (aka DRP) a provisioning and workflow platform that uses open composable content containing templates and scripts for server provisioning and configuration.  It also allows for service-side API extensions known as plugins.

The composable nature of Digital Rebar allows operators to mix and match content from various forces.

  • Digital Rebar – Open source within the Digital Rebar community
  • RackN  Implements the open API to enable a production data center management platform.
  • Custom / Internal – Proprietary packages by operators for internal use

RackN supports the Digital Rebar Community by managing the community as well supporting and building a variety of open source packages.

These packages include Linux OS provisioning, automation scripts and management including multi-path provisioning, resource pool management, out-of-band management (IPMI), firmware setting, system classification / inventory, and best practice integrations.

The RackN implementation enables enterprise features like RBAC, Multi-Tenant, SSO and the on-premises UX.

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