Edge Infrastructure is different than Cloud or Enterprise data centers because they must scale to 1000s of locations and operate without human management. These challenges require rethinking the EIaaS model from the bare metal layer up to create sites that are both autonomous and easily managed remotely.

DEEP into managing Edge Infrastructure

RackN is running private preview program of our Distributed Edge Endpoint Proxy (DEEP) Federated Infrastructure for operators of Edge infrastructure to battle test our existing edge solution and help build our roadmap based on field experience.

Edge operators must solve scaling out the physical layer automation first. Getting that foundation right accelerates all the platform, aaS and application layers built above the hardware. Our strategy includes converted automation for heterogeneous compute, networking and storage infrastructure.

Using Digital Rebar as the small footprint core, RackN has created a portfolio of extensions that addresses both federated multi-site management for 1000s of data centers and provides completely autonomous management of the physical assets at each site including firmware and topology control.

  • Infrastructure as Code – our unique APIs and content management approach uniquely solves zero touch provisioning and control.
  • Autonomous – our self-contained and integrated workflows allow operators to boot-and-forget systems.
  • Distributed Manager  – our federated control plane provides regional and global views for infrastructure without creating a centralized bottleneck.
  • Switch Integration – our platform is compact enough to run from a switch and flexible enough to provision them too.

Please complete the form below the video to request access to our Edge preview program with special collaborative access to our internal suite of data center automation tools.

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