In our option, the distinction between Enterprise and Edge is a false one. Both environments need API-driven environments with simple zero-touch automation. Neither environment can afford manual operations or force all sites to be identical. It makes sense that a single platform can fit both needs.

In the end, the only real differences are scale: enterprise has a few sites with many servers while edge has many sites with few servers.

Happily, the RackN core features support both extremes. From lots of servers to lots of sites, our data center automation will keep your operations team running.

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Feature Set Enterprise Edge
Fully Autonomous Yes Yes
Flexible Scaling 100s to 10,000s 1s to 100s
Distributed Management Important Critical
Switch Integration Yes – cross-team Yes – integrated
Image Deployment Yes Yes
Firmware Management Yes Yes
API & Content Delivery Yes Yes
Heterogeneous Hardware Yes Yes
Multi-Architecture Support Yes Yes
Multi-Stage Workflow Yes Yes
Event Log and Forward Yes Yes