RackN provides completely integrated automation from metal to platforms and beyond. Our unique composable approach allows you to mix-and-match a wide range of infrastructures and tools into a single management abstraction.

More details? Read our Key Features & Differentiation white paper.

What if hardware wasn’t hard?  We make metal easy.

The RackN Platform provides significant features beyond Digital Rebar.  It is available for both the open source community and RackN customers hosted by RackN from portal.rackn.io.  Enterprise customers may self-host the Portal internally in both connected and “air gapped” modes.

Security Note: The RackN Portal and other extensions do not require a network connection to customers’ on-premises endpoints.   It resides entirely in the operators’ web browser and connected directly to the endpoints’ secure API.

Automation Features:

  • Single command to tear down full systems and reset
  • Mix cloud and physical systems with the same automation
  • User authentication with available Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Integrate permission into corporate workflow
  • An Integrated PKI to create per-deployment TLS zones with root rotation
  • Event driven capabilities allow mixing with ticketing and external systems
  • Network configuration and topology mapping automatically sets bridges, teams and VLANs on the correct NICs even when mixing hardware types
  • Disk inventory includes speeds so you can automate the correct drive functions
  • IPv6 native integrations

The RackN Portal is designed to also meet a critical customer requirement for secure data centers, air gap. With no need for the RackN Portal to access an external network, customers are able to deploy the Portal within their firewall or private network. Providing this security feature to customers ensures access to our management platform without opening a security hole.