RackN designed Digital Rebar from the ground up to rethink how we manage physical data center infrastructure.  While fully replace the functionality of past generation provisioning tools, a feature-by-feature comparison missed our innovation around simplicity, integration, workflow and composability.

Cobbler is one of the oldest and simplest PXE provisioning services.  For long time users, the Digital Rebar template system will be a straightforward mapping.  As an early system, Cobbler lacks the APIs, DHCP, integrations and security features baked into Digital Rebar.

Feature Comparison

Feature Cobbler Digital Rebar RackN + Digital Rebar
Project Activity Minimal High
Commercial Support No Yes ✔
Integrated DHCP No Yes ✔ (optional)
Integrated Discovery No Yes ✔
Mix Architectures No Yes ✔ (Intel, AMD, ARM, etc)
IPv6 Only Operation No Yes ✔
Multi-Boot Workflows No Yes ✔
Parameter Encryption No Yes ✔
Infrastructure as Code No Yes ✔
Firmware Management No No Yes ✔
Image Based Deploy No No Yes ✔
Pooling Behaviors No No Yes ✔
Distributed Management No No Yes ✔
Multi-Tenant Az/An No No Yes ✔
Interactive UX No No Yes ✔