RackN is constantly expanding the Digital Rebar integration catalog.  Our priority is to leverage existing data center tooling for customers rather than disrupting operations.  This approach allows Digital Rebar to become an integration hub that helps customers chain automation platforms into a seamless system.

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Terraform Provider

RackN maintains an open Terraform Provider for Digital Rebar.  This provider allows operators to write Terraform Plans to automate bare metal infrastructure using the DRP API.  Since the provider uses the API, these requests leverage Users, Roles and Workflows structured by operators to enable pooling behavior in Digital Rebar.  That enables Terraform users to have a cloud-like experience even on physical infrastructure and operators to have high visibility into how self-service requests are fulfilled.

In addition to the provider, RackN can drive Terraform plans as part of an integrated workflow including injecting and retrieving state data.

Rack (CSV Import) Plugin

RackN customers often have detailed information about their infrastructure even before it runs through the Digital Rebar discovery process.  The Rack plugin allows customers to import server manifests to pre-populate machines and their attributes into the system.  It also helps organize servers into racks for easier tracking.

Once imported, Digital Rebar workflows can be used to validate discovered machines against manifests and automatically complete configuration sequences.

Filebeat and Elastic Search Plugin

RackN enables live offloading of Digital Rebar data and events for external analysis by integrating with Elastic’s Filebeat service.  This allows operators to quickly capture and analyze the provisioning and security event streams from Digital Rebar in Elastic Search or other stream analysis tools.

To Digital Rebar, there is nothing unique specific about the Filebeat plugin except that it uses that service’s APIs.  All plugins have the ability to subscribe and act on event and model data; consequently, it is possible to interface with other event subscription systems as needed.

Kubernetes (KRIB) Integration

The Kubernetes Rebar Integrated Bootstrap, KRIB, catalog item provides a comprehensive Kubernetes installation process. This process uses open source, community offerings based on Kubeadm and Digital Rebar clustering strategies.  The KRIB process includes certificate generation via the Cert plugin and a variety of HA, security and local options.

In addition to KRIB, RackN has provided other Kubernetes integration approaches such as Kubespray and expects to support ClusterAPI also.

Ansible Tower Plugin (includes AWX)

The Ansible Tower plugin incorporates remote playboot run requests into Digital Rebar workflows.  This allows operators to correctly prepare infrastructure for automation by Ansible Tower, start the play, and then resume after the play completes.  The RackN design encourages reuse of existing Ansible Tower without limiting scope of control for Digital Rebar.

RackN supports several Ansible integration strategies that fully duplicate Ansible Tower functionality.  Contact RackN to understand how Digital Rebar can be used to replace this platform with improved performance and without incurring additional license fees.

EdgeLab.Digital: The Desktop Data Center

EdgeLab.Digital is a fully functional version of Digital Rebar available for very small and inexpensive environments such as desktop labs and edge data centers.  Since the initial Rasberry Pi version uses the same code as RackN Enterprise, it can be used to run any infrastrastructure in the RackN catalog.

At just $400 for a four node system, EdgeLab.Digital is an ideal training and development environment.

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