Service Providers, SIs, ISVs and Consultants

RackN offers special site licensing programs for service providers, systems integrators (SIs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and consulting partners that focus on co-development and co-marketing.  Let us solve your bare metal challenges so you can focus on your unique value add.

Self-Trial License

RackN offers a 20 machine trial license for Digital Rebar with access to the full catalog of RackN features.  This self-service license can be renewed every 90 days. Trial Licenses are available for sites interested in larger pilots, contact RackN for details.


RackN offers discounted license tiers for 1,000 and larger systems.  We track total machine count and do not limit operators’ number of sites.   We also offer Activity Based pricing based on monthly machine activity for customers with infrequent provisioning cycles.

List PriceMachine/Yearn/c$80$120$150No volume discounts applied
Platform FeaturesDRP Service, CLI, AgentYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔base DRP service capabilities
Secure HardwareRequestnonoYES ✔Enable secure hardware capabilities
SSO from endpointRequestnonoYES ✔Active Directory/LDAP Signin
Contexts in Workflow3none5100+Container Proxy Tasks in Workflow
Machine Count Limit<20<1,000<5,0005,000+Licensed allowed maximum Machines
Pool / Cloud – Advanced3none5100+Multi Tenant driven pooling behavior patterns
Multi-Site Manager5 EPnone5 EP100+Distributed Management Architecture
HA supportRequestnonoYES ✔Active/passive high availability
Encrypted ParamsYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔Non-cleartext secrets managment
Ansible InventoryYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔Ansible playbooks via dynamic DRP inventory
RackN PortalHosted PortalYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔RackN hosted SaaS management portal
Customized ViewsYES ✔noPartialYES ✔User customizable config and table columns
Self-Hosted UXRequestnonoYES ✔Air-gap and On-premises Installation
Support LevelCommunity supportYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔Best effort support via #community channel
Dedicated support channelnonoYES ✔YES ✔Dedicated private Slack channel
Support M-F 8-6 CSTnonoYES ✔YES ✔Standard support tier
24-7 SupportnononoAvailableAdditional price per Machine
Curated CatalogKVM DriverYES ✔noYES ✔YES ✔Use KVM for dev/test environments
WindowsYES ✔noYES ✔YES ✔Windows OS via Image Deploy plugin
VMwareYES ✔noYES ✔YES ✔ESXi and VCF provisioning and customization
Image DeployYES ✔noYES ✔YES ✔Deploy OS via single artifact Images
Firmware/FlashYES ✔noYES ✔YES ✔Update system firmware and components
RAIDYES ✔noYES ✔YES ✔Configure hardware RAID controllers
BIOSYES ✔noYES ✔YES ✔Get and Set hardware BIOS configurations
Ansible TowerYES ✔noYES ✔YES ✔Configure hardware RAID controllers
Netbox PluginYES ✔noYES ✔YES ✔Asset DB integration with Netbox
Open CatalogCommunity ContentYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔Base workflow and capabilities
AnsibleYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔Ansible local run tasks
NetwranglerYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔OS network configuration tooling
Kubernetes (KRIB)YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔K8S installer and lifecycle manager support
LinuxYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔Basic linux OS support
IPMIYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔Power and Nextboot controls
Terraform IntegrationYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔DRP driven by Terraform DSL
Burn In & DecommissionYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔Hardware perf verify and system wipe patterns
ClassificationYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔Apply dynamic actions to op defined tests
Inventory/ValidationYES ✔YES ✔YES ✔YES ✔Verify machine inventory and components

RackN Support (need help right now?)

Hours of Operations: M-F 8am-6pm Central Time US

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