We recommend operators start with our open self-paced trial from http://portal.rackn.io

We’ve combined simple on-premises provisioning with optional SaaS-based management bringing the efficiency and automation of the cloud into your existing infrastructure. It’s called RackN – making provisioning, control, and orchestration simple.

We built it to give organizations like yours the benefits of public clouds like AWS and Google for bare metal infrastructure. Compliance, repeatability, scalability, security, and speed are standard features in our platform.

Obtain access to the latest RackN technology with support and training from the RackN team. Additional services for customized engagements are available. If you are already using Digital Rebar, we can enable you to start your 30-day trial of of advanced RackN extensions today.

For customers looking to move quickly or prove advanced integrations, RackN offers paid Pilots that include extended trial licenses, training and site-specific integration.