While Digital Rebar is an integrated composable automation platform, RackN recommends starting your SRE journey with one immediate target.

Physical Provisioning and Configuration

RackN Digital Rebar is an industry leader in data center provisioning automation with a deep experience and history.

Here are some of our key provisioning features:

  • Fully containerized platform
  • Rich CLI, API, and UX
  • Single command to reprovision full systems
  • Vendor agnostic RAID, BIOS and BMC configuration and control
  • B-Y-O DHCP and DNS servers if required.  Ours are robust and API driven, but sometimes you have to use what’s already there.

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We’ve made it so simple that most proof of concepts only take a day by remote without a site visit.   Contact us to get started!

Explore Other Aspects of Digital Rebar

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