RackN @ VMware
Explore 2023

Wondering how to build a vendor-neutral architecture?
Meet with RackN at VMware Explore and we’ll show you how to unlock that path.

About the Conference

Future-proof your VMware investment.

Manage VMware as code to automate the deployment of VMware clusters from bare metal in under an hour, run critical day 2 operations, and move to a vendor-neutral infrastructure.

  • Build vendor-neutral infrastructures

Vendor-agnostic automation makes it possible to substitute individual infrastructure components for a dynamic, flexible, and adaptable tech stack.

RackN Digital Rebar can help you make the shift.

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  • Manage VMware as Code

Say goodbye to the busy work of virtualization ops when you Orchestrate every step of the VMware cluster process as code, from secure first boot to provisioning workloads.

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  • Automate vSphere from bare metal

Automation for vSphere should include the underlying bare metal infrastructure. Eliminate the manual deployment steps and deploy and configure new clusters in one hour or less.

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Meet with Our Staff

Rob Hirschfeld

Rob Hirschfeld

Founder & CEO

Rob has been in the cloud and infrastructure space for 20 years. He believes the technology of running data centers and apps on cloud is just part of the bigger story. He carries a passion for applying lean and agile processes to software delivery.

Jay Newberger

Jay Newberger

Customer Success Executive

Jay has been in the Customer Engagement, Managed Services and BPO segment for over 25+ years working with large multinational clients across numerous industries such Cable/Internet, Media corporations, Tolling/Roadway solutions and Healthcare.

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