Let RackN Help Build-To-Completion Your Infrastructure Operations Pipeline!


RackN believes Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) and DevOps Engineers should focus on using the platforms that reside underneath the workload and not fixing or upgrading them. RackN provides services which accelerate your organization’s strategic and tactical initiatives to automate and streamline operational pipelines.

Our delivery methodology is based on Agile and WADI (Workshop, Assessment, Design, Implementation) principals.

Whether your organization is in the middle of a DevOps adoption cycle or looking to find-tune and add to an already-excellent delivery platform, RackN can help

Advisory Services– Provide strategic guidance and a assessment of your current operational flow and tool set. Depending on your environment and needs, this engagement is typically a month in length or less. Deliverables include a CIO-level presentation and leave-behind artifacts and recommendations.

Integration– Provisioning infrastructure and services below the application can be time-consuming and painful. RackN fills automation gaps in you existing operational workflow. Examples would be auditing the existing operational pipeline, recommend, and integrate RackN seamlessly into your model so SREs no longer need to perform aspects of their job manually and painfully.

Custom Solutions– For our customers, we have built an automated development, test or build infrastructure and have developed test suites to be deployed automatically which ensure the application is tested against hybrid infrastructure and platforms. Help us understand your operational problem and technical criteria and we will work with your team to build it. Examples of this work are deploying Kubernetes or Docker Swarm using various SDN technologies and deploying the platforms on Google, Amazon, OpenStack or Packet public/private clouds.