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Rocky Linux support in Digital Rebar v4.7

We’re excited to highlight that RackN officially added Rocky Linux support in our recent Digital Rebar v4.7 release! Rocky Linux provides a community maintained alternate to CentOS for operators who are concerned about IBM Red Hat’s migration of the distribution to stream releases. See the Cloud2030 discussion for more details. This 12 minute video shows

The Hidden Complexity Apocalypse: Pandora’s Box or Jevons Paradox?

Building infrastructures where the systems are completely hidden from the people building applications is a very powerful thing. Consider what it takes to create an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform. It isn’t necessary to build the actual machine learning platforms, learn how to build models or learn neural networking computational methods. Hidden complexity makes

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Digital Rebar 4.7 Release Available

Sept 1, 2021 RackN has released Digital Rebar v4.7 for general use. In addition to a major RackN UX update, this release rolls up a range of Digital Rebar fixes and performance improvements. Important Notices For v4.7, operators should be aware that Port 8090 is now required to be accessible for Digital Rebar endpoints.  This

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