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Zip Up Your Provisioning & Configuration Automation

When you think about automation, what comes to your mind first? If you’re like most people, it’s the combination of provisioning and configuration automation. When you think about it, even though these actions are often done together, they are actually different types of automation.  Why and how should you zip up your provisioning and configuration

Do You Know The Four Types of Automation?

Can automation cure all infrastructure and IT woes? We’re finding automation is much harder than we’d like to admit. Perhaps that’s because we don’t consider the four types of automation. Why is Automation Difficult?  Why does using automation to perform ordinary operations feel like running into a wall? Repeatable tasks such as building clusters, configuring operating

Is Repaving Data Centers the Way to Better ROI?

Our most successful customers embrace the concept of rebuilding their data center from scratch at any time. They often call this “repaving” their data center. However, it isn’t as hard as it sounds to repave a data center. Why Repave Your Data Center? A persistent IT operations myth is once the software is installed, the

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