Open source is important to RackN as an enabler of collaboration.  We participate in and contribute to open communities for a wide range of reasons.  We believe that offering open source software encourages collaboration within our operator community to improve data center operations.  

Digital Rebar provides both an open API for operating a data center and an open ecosystem (aka catalog) that automates everything from firmware patching, out-of-band management and operating system installation to deploying platforms like Kubernetes and vCenter.  RackN builds the API and components in the open with input from our community.

The ecosystems around the platform API and content catalog are open with APLv2.  The core Digital Rebar platform is a proprietary system with the commercial support model required for production scale operators.

The Digital Rebar includes a limited-use tier of up to 10 machines.  That can be self-service extended at no charge to a 20 machine community tier with access to the extensive catalog of scale, multi-site, security and enterprise use cases. RackN curates Digital Rebar foundational content (including hardware focused items) to ensure its reliability for production operations.  We follow this model to ensure that the Digital Rebar platform can be trusted for production operations.

Our vision is for operators to openly collaborate around best practices while ensuring they have a trustworthy platform to build upon.  Our balance of open and commercial license approach reflects that goal.

Layer Component License
Content Platforms, Apps, Etc Digital Rebar APLv2
Ops Best Practices Digital Rebar APLv2
O/S Image Deployer Digital Rebar APLv2
OOB & Firmware Digital Rebar APLv2
Utility Workflows Digital Rebar APLv2
O/S Install Templates Digital Rebar APLv2
Platform Agents (Runner) Digital Rebar APLv2
CLI Digital Rebar APLv2
Sledgehammer Digital Rebar APLv2
API Models Digital Rebar APLv2
Additional (non-machine) Contexts RackN
Multi-Site Management RackN
Enterprise Extensions (Multi-Site, SSO, RBAC) RackN
Web UX RackN
API Implementation RackN
Commercial Support RackN