Pricing for Digital Rebar Platform (DRP) is primarily based on four factors:

  • Virtual infrastructure units track the maximum number of machines managed at one time.
  • Physical infrastructure units track per unique instances managed during the billing cycle.
  • Support Tier, Retail or Enterprise, allow users to choose the level of RackN availability needed
  • Feature Tiers, Pro to Enterprise, provide discounts for users who do not need advanced feature.

For most tiers, users may also choose activity-based (monthly) or pre-allocated (annual) pricing.

We also have partner programs for service providers, systems integrators (SIs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and consulting partners.

Free Trial License

RackN offers a free 20 machine 30-day self-trial using the Business license. Additional time and feature access during a trial is available on request.

RackN Pricing Tiers


For serving just a single site managed by a single user


For team with multiple sites that is capable of self-support.

Community Support

Retail Support

with Paid Escalation

Basic Entitlements:

Single Site

Single User

Pro Entitlements plus:

Multiple Sites

Up to 3 Users

Professional Services

Not Available

Per Physical Entity


or $25/month


or $30/month

Per Virtual Entity


or $1.50/month


or $2.50/month

Maximum Entitles



Minimum Fee


or $30/month


or $40/month

Retail Pricing

No discounts available


For teams with production support requirements.


For advanced production workloads with Enterprise integration requirements

Enterprise Support

M-F 8-6 CT

Enterprise Support

M-F 8-6 CT

Available 24×7 Support

Team Entitlements plus:

Multi-Site Manager

No User Limit & SSO

Secure Boot

Business Entitlements plus:

High Availability

Isolated Mode (air gap)

Self-hosted UX


Professional Services

Daily Rates

Daily and Annual Rates

Per Physical Entity


or $40/month


No Monthly Option

Per Virtual Entity


or $4.00/month


No Monthly Option

Maximum Entitles



Minimum Fee


or $600/month


No Monthly Option

Enterprise Discounts

Scale pricing for annual contracts starts at 100 physical or 500 virtual entities.

Scale pricing not available for activity based pricing.

Physical vs Virtual Entities

RackN licenses Physical Entities as unique systems that are persistent over time. Virtual Entities are not tracked as unique or persistent systems; instead, the total number of possible Virtual Entities is licensed to allow for the ephemeral nature of these systems. This distinction reflects the anticipated use of each resource type.

Contact RackN for additional details.

Community License

RackN offers a no-cost Community License for non-commercial and home use.  This license has the similar entitlements as the Pro monthly license but is limited to 10 machines.  To access the community license, contact RackN during your trial license period and ask to be migrated to a Community license.  No payment is required, but you must provide a valid email address.

The Community License has no cost for prolonged usage within the non-commercial restrictions, it is treated as a monthly subscription with integrated reporting and renews automatically as long as terms are met.  RackN retains the right to review and revoke Community licenses at its sole discretion.