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Tickets are typically processed during normal business hours (8am-5pm US Central Time) on a best effort basis. We strive to respond to tickets as quickly as possible.

If you have a 24×7 Support Contract with us:

  • Tickets which are not flagged as Critical or Urgent severity are still processed during normal business hours.
  • Tickets which are flagged as Critical or Urgent severity cause a support technician to be immediately paged. Expect an immediate follow-up. If possible, responding to the ticket confirmation email with a non-email contact (phone number, conference bridge, zoom room, etc).
  • Your ticket is classified as eligible for 24×7 support by the business email address domain(s) we have on file. Filing from a personal email address will not trigger 24×7 support. If you have used your personal email address, please re-submit with your business email address and you can reference the existing Ticket ID so that you do not need to retype all the information.


If you need to open another ticket, you can do so from the Support page.