Rob was on the Cloud Talk Show (ep 16) with Larry Smithmier and Ralph Rivas. Join Ralph and Larry as they talk to Rob Hirschfeld about how he is helping solve the problems below the cloud. RackN helps companies work with bare metal (not metal bears) programatically, so you canContinue Reading

OpenStack is a real platform doing real work for real users.  So why does OpenStack have a reputation for not working?  It falls into the lack of core-focus paradox: being too much to too many undermines your ability to do something well.  In this case, we keep conflating the communityContinue Reading

Operators should be able to buy infrastructure (physical and cloud) from any vendor and run it in a consistent way. Instead of days or weeks to get infrastructure running, it should take hours and be fully automated from power-on. We should be able to rehearse on cloud and transfer that automation directly to (and from) physical without modification. That practice and pace should be the norm instead of the exception.

Our focus on SRE series continues… At RackN, we see a coming infrastructure explosion in both complexity and scale. Unless our industry radically rethinks operational processes, current backlogs will escalate and stability, security and sharing will suffer. An entire chapter of the Google SRE book was dedicated to the benefitsContinue Reading