Joining us this week is Rob Lalonde, VP & General Manager, Navops at Univa. About Univa Univa is the leading independent provider of software-defined computing infrastructure and workload orchestration solutions. Univa’s intelligent cluster management software increases efficiency while accelerating enterprise migration to hybrid clouds. We help hundreds of companies toContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Ian Rae, CEO and Founder CloudOps who recorded the podcast during the Google Next conference in 2018. Highlights 1 min 55 sec: Define Cloud from a CloudOps perspective Business Model and an Operations Model 3 min 59 sec: Update from Google Next 2018 event GoogleContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Rich Miller, CEO and Managing Director of Telematica, Inc. Highlights GitHub and Microsoft Discussion ~ Why is GitHub so Valuable? Evolution of Open Source and its Commercial Aspects Monetization of Open Source Depends on Services for Success Container Management and Marketplace for Innovation ISV EcosystemContinue Reading

Cloud technology enabled a create-destroy infrastructure process that is now seen as common: launching and destroying virtual machines and containers. This process is referred to as immutable infrastructure. Until now, this tech has not been available to operators within a data center. RackN technology supports customers who want to enableContinue Reading

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Kong Yang, Head Geek at SolarWinds. He also hosts the Wide World of Tech podcast. Key topics discussed in the podcast: State of cloud computing ~ entering its golden age IT & business units coming together to deal with shadow IT responsibly BuildingContinue Reading

          Joining us this week is Eric Wright, Director Technical Marketing/Evangelist at Turbonomic and podcaster/evangelist at talking open source. Highlights: RANT on cloud terminology w/ new terms “DevOpsishFullStackishness” & “Woke IT” Open source communities, vendors, and value of users Edge Computing – definition, Turbonomic Role inContinue Reading

As more and more companies move workloads and storage to public clouds, CIOs are forced to account for existing data center investments. Simply abandoning existing infrastructure is not an option and IT teams need to find new methodologies to fully use their available resources.    Of course, legacy services continueContinue Reading

In this week’s podcast, we speak with Gina Rosenthal (Minks), Product Marketing Manager, VMware and experienced sys-admin/operator. She also hosts the Wide World of Tech podcast. Cloud debate on virtualization and hypervisors as requirement What makes Ops so hard? Technical Communities for Day 2 Ops Community Support for Vendors andContinue Reading