You may have an IaC process for your virtual and container environments, but have you extended IaC for VMware hardware? This post will explain how RackN can help you do that! Does IaC for VMware Hardware Make Sense? VMware defines IaC this way: Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the practiceContinue Reading

Rob Hirschfeld, CEO/Co-Founder, RackN created a new Digital Rebar Provision (DRP) video highlighting the creation of virtual machines within the standard automation process. Highlights: Create a New Virtual Machine from the Physical Provisioning Tool – DRP VirtualBox IMPI Plugin – Preview of Pre-Release Tool RackN Portal will inventory virtual machinesContinue Reading

A common side-effect of rapid growth for any organization is the introduction of complexity and one-off solutions to keep things moving regardless of the long-term impact. Over time, these decisions add up to create a chaotic environment for IT teams who find themselves unable to find an appropriate time toContinue Reading

Rishidot Research recently published a profile of the new RackN Beta program, Briefing Notes: RackN Launches in Beta. This document contains a Market Overview, RackN Offering, SWOT Analysis, and Conclusions. Rishidot provided several key messages in their briefing notes that are worth highlighting: Bare Metal as a Service – offersContinue Reading

Rob Hirschfeld, CEO/Co-Founder of RackN speaks with Mark Thiele, Chief Strategy and CIO of Apcera on a variety of cloud and DevOps related topics including Mark’s recent blog post, Why Adoption of Public Cloud Likely Won’t Exceed 17 Percent of Total IT Demand by 2022. TOPIC                                                                    TIME Intro toContinue Reading

Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim) posted an exclusive Q&A with Rob Hirschfeld (@zehicle) today on IT Technology: Rob Hirschfeld on Containers, Private Clouds, GIFEE, and the Remaining “Underlay Problem.”  Questions from the post: Gene Kim: Tell me about the landscape of docker, OpenStack, Kubernetes, etc. How do they all relate, what’s changed,Continue Reading