Welcome to the RackN and Digital Rebar Weekly Review. You will find the latest news related to Edge, DevOps, SRE and other relevant topics. Immutable Infrastructure Immutable infrastructure offers IT a new deployment methodology of create / destroy / repeat from a fixed image for deploying services vs the more commonContinue Reading

Joining us this week is Chris Short, Senior DevOps Advocate, SJ Technologies. Chris is also a CNCF Ambassador managing an excellent newsletter, DevOps’ish. Highlights Site Reliability Engineering & DevOps relationship & philosophy SRE details in budgets, toil, and security Pipeline infrastructure, configuration management, and immutability Cultural aspects of DevOps WhyContinue Reading

This talk was given on November 8 at the OpenStack Summit Sydney event. Abstract Kubespray (formerly Kargo) – is a project under Kubernetes community umbrella. From the technical side, it is a set of tools, that bring the possibility to deploy production-ready Kubernetes cluster easily. Kubespray supports multiple Linux distributionsContinue Reading