Bare Metal Provisioning

We go beyond Provisioning, Digital Rebar isthe Complete Bare Metal Life-Cycle Solution Unlike traditional provisioning tools, Digital Rebar provides a complete life-cycle solution. It is API-driven and built to an Infrastructure as Code design. We build for operators who want to program infrastructure, not just configure it. We weren’t satisfied with developing features to solve

RackN Digital Rebar

RackN Digital Rebar is a single API that orchestrates everything in your data center, regardless of vendor. Our production-proven automation platform currently powers global enterprise data centers. However, it is designed to shrink down to manage distributed edge sites. Digital Rebar is a Collaborative Infrastructure as Code Platform The standardized best practices built into the

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1. Choose an environment: Cloud or Local Digital Rebar is multi-infrastructure so you can get started in minutes on the cloud or take an hour to prove our bare metal features in your on-premises lab. In both cases, you’ll see our industry leading Infrastructure Pipelines first hand. On Cloud (Terraform) You’ll need a small Linux

Distributed Infrastructure

Distributed Infrastructure

Distributed infrastructure architecture is the way IT organizations ensure applications are always deployed to the architecture that will provide the best performance. In fact, modern infrastructure tools such as containers and APIs have opened up many new architecture possibilities. This even includes spanning applications over on-premises data centers, public cloud, and edge locations. However, this

Digital Rebar

Digital Rebar v4.4 Release

On July 30, RackN released Digital Rebar v4.4 (Official Release Notes).  Infrastructure Resource Pooling Infrastructure Resource Pooling provides APIs that create a “bare metal cloud” consumable by tools like Terraform. Pooling creates capabilities that abstract Machines into resource groups that can be allocated generically from a single API making the system more elastic. This functionality