Digital Rebar Provision (DRP) is the perfect technology partner for Ansible customers looking to automate their infrastructure setup before applying their orchestration tool of choice. DRP automatically generates a complete inventory of provisioned infrastructure which is a must have for Ansible to complete its orchestration. In addition, DRP is able to deployContinue Reading

RackN and the Digital Rebar community are focused on solving key issues learned from enterprise DevOps teams: Operations are inconsistent, manual and heterogeneous Foundational automation makes many problems go away “Apply, Rinse, Repeat” (aka Immutable Infrastructure) The learnings from these experiences led the RackN founders to analyze the current stateContinue Reading

The embedded video is an excellent RackN and Digital Rebar overview created by Rob Hirschfeld and Greg Althaus, co-founders of RackN on the critical issue facing data center operations teams. Their open-source based offering completes the integration challenge existing between platforms/orchestration tools and control/provision technology. By integrating with the platformContinue Reading