This excellent research report by Paul Delory (contract required) lays out a comprehensive view of all the components in the flow required to deliver applications into production.  It’s an impressively laid out assembly line along the lines of what we’ve called “continuously integrated date center” in the past. We’reContinue Reading

RackN is re-defining physical automation to make it highly repeatable and widely consumable while also meeting the necessarily complex and evolving heterogeneous data center environment. To meet this challenge, we have developed the Digital Rebar Platform. This page focuses on the choices we’ve made in design: check out our featureContinue Reading

Our architectural plans for Digital Rebar are beyond big – they are for massive distributed scale. Not up, but out. We are designing for the case where we have common automation content packages distributed over 100,000 stand-alone sites (think 5G cell towers) that are not synchronously managed. In that case,Continue Reading

The embedded video is an excellent RackN and Digital Rebar overview created by Rob Hirschfeld and Greg Althaus, co-founders of RackN on the critical issue facing data center operations teams. Their open-source based offering completes the integration challenge existing between platforms/orchestration tools and control/provision technology. By integrating with the platformContinue Reading

In this podcast, Stephen Spector, HPE Cloud Evangelist and Greg Althaus, Co-Founder and CTO RackN, talk about the integration point for Digital Rebar Provisioning with the Terraform solution. The specific focus is on delivering bare metal provisioning to users of Terraform. About Terraform (LINK) Terraform enables you to safely andContinue Reading

Rob Hirschfeld, CEO and Co-Founder, RackN talks with Stephen Spector, HPE Cloud Evangelist about the recent uptake in Ansible news as well as how Digital Rebar Provision assists Ansible users. Listen to the 9 minute podcast here: As this is the launch of L8ist Sh9y Podcast from RackN we encourageContinue Reading

Cloud Native thinking is thankfully changing the way we approach traditional IT infrastructure.  These profound changes in how we build applications with 12-factor design and containers has deep implications on how we manage configuration and the tools we use to do it.  These are not cloud only impacts – theContinue Reading

At Dockercon this week, Docker announced an immutable operating system called LinuxKit which is powered by a Packer-like utility called Moby that RackN CTO, Greg Althaus, explains in the video below. For additional conference notes, check out Rob Hirschfeld’s Dockercon retro blog post. Three Concerns with Immutable O/S on Physical With aContinue Reading