Today, RackN released Digital Rebar v4.12.  In this iteration, RackN has dramatically expanded the platform’s capabilities for day 2 job processing.  The new batch operations system can smoothly scale out the number of workers available to perform job processing in a nearly unlimited capacity.  While Digital Rebar was already field proven at over 10,000 machines managed, v4.12 introduced auto-management of specialized workers for high demand batch processing.

Tailored specifically for Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations Teams, this update reinforces Digital Rebar’s commitment to revolutionizing automation reusability. Our new version comes armed with performance tweaks and a foundational release that lays the groundwork for our v4.13 hardware compliance and audit feature.

New Capabilities Empower Enterprises

In addition to the significant expansion of our Day 2 operational capabilities to scale ad hoc requests across global infrastructure fleets like never before.  This version introduces new vendor support for Cisco and Supermicro, added integrations for Terraform and, compatibility with more operating systems such as RHEL 9 and Centos Stream 9.

Moreover, we’re ushering in a new era of automation reusability, enabling our users to collaborate across almost any infrastructure type.  Improved collaboration features include context sensitive highlighting in the UX, remote connection tracking, new eventing types and improved multi-site management and streamlined air-gap install.

Day 2 Batch Processing Sets v4.12 Apart

New Batch Feature fore Digital Rebar v4.12Digital Rebar v4.12 introduces a specialized batch processing system for ad hoc jobs, which can be managed against a dynamic pool of workers. Th

is breakthrough is significant as previous versions of Digital Rebar necessitated ad hoc jobs to be associated with specific machines, restricting the system’s ability to manage large and dynamic batch processing tasks. This release eliminates that barrier by making Digital Rebar the first self-managed platform capable of using Infrastructure as Code properties to offer distributed batch processing.

As a direct consequence of this release, we are well positioned to address the limitations of batch configuration engines such as Ansible Automation Platform. While Digital Rebar’s ability to work without restriction to Ansible playbooks has been a long-term advantage, this new feature bolsters our capacity to scale out workers, thus making a more scalable platform.

A Platform the Empowers Operators

Unlike developer-focused portals and cloud-only tools, Digital Rebar is an operator-focused platform designed to handle complex bare metal infrastructure with reusable and composable IaC automation.  While developer tools intentionally obscure critical complex multi-vendor workflows, RackN recognizes that taming this complexity with transparency and flexible abstractions is critical for enterprise operators.  Our API-first approach ensures smooth integration to developer tools without compromising operational capabilities.

Our v4.12 release is a testament to our commitment to providing top-tier solutions for enterprises. We’re pushing boundaries and redefining how leaders think about collaboration and innovation in enterprise-level DevOps. If you’re handling bare metal infrastructure, RackN should be your management foundation. Our automation capabilities offer true reusability, leading to increased reliability and unparalleled speed. And most importantly, Digital Rebar v4.12 breaks new ground in scalability, ensuring that as your enterprise grows, your automation capabilities grow with it.

Welcome to a world where automation meets innovation, and scalability is available out of the box, no customization required.  To learn more about this release, review our release notes or visit the Digital Rebar page at  Contact us for a personalized demo and see firsthand how Digital Rebar can revolutionize your approach to DevOps!

New Batch Feature fore Digital Rebar v4.12


July 28, 2023




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