Supported Releases

Release Support Level UX Enabled Expected End of Life
v3.x None No n/a (past EoL)
v4.0 Critical Yes August 2020
v4.1 Critical / Urgent Yes October 2020
v4.2 Critical / Urgent / Normal Yes December 2020
v4.3 Full – Current Yes February 2021
v4.4 Full – Beta Yes est April 2021

End of Maintenance Schedule

RackN follows an End of Maintenance Schedule for each release.  A release is a change to the major or minor version.

If an Urgent or lower fix is already available in an existing minor release, customers are expected to migrate to the newer minor release.

Post-Release Trigger Critical Urgent Normal Low+
Immediately After Release Yes Yes Yes On Review
After Next Release Yes Yes On Review No
After Two Newer Releases

Or at most 6 months After

Yes Yes No No
After Three Newer  Releases

Or at most 12 months After

Yes No No No
After Four Newer Releases

Or at most 18 months After

End of Maintenance