Control, consistency and choice
over every infrastructure

Collaborative platform for teams automating infrastructure as code.

Deliver Business-Aligned Infrastructure
with Digital Rebar

Instead of manually coordinating the tasks required to build infrastructure platforms, use Digital Rebar to coordinate the details.

Stay Compliant
with Composable Workflows

Create reusable, site-specific workflows. Ensure compliance with all requirements on-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge.

Tame Costs
with Infrastructure Pipelines

Reuse automation components and squash tool sprawl. Build negotiation leverage with your vendors and avoid vendor lock in.

Make the leap with RackN.

Latest News and Updates from RackN

No Log4j vulnerability risk to Digital Rebar
Security is always the top concern for RackN. It’s understandable to be concerned if the December 21 Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) will impact …
Elevate your Business with Infrastructure Pipelines
What are Infrastructure Pipelines? Infrastructure Pipelines provide the missing automation interconnectivity between infrastructure layers and it fits into existing technology stacks. …
Scaling Up Infrastructure Pipelines with Resource Management Abstractions
Today, RackN announced the release of Digital Rebar v4.8. With this release, Digital Rebar Resource Management Abstractions take center stage.  You …
Infrastructure Pipelines: A Radical New Approach to Managing Complexity
Today, RackN released Digital Rebar v4.8, which empowers organizations to manage the complexity of distributed heterogeneous infrastructure. Introducing Infrastructure Pipelines. Why …

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