Self-TrialInfrastructure should accelerate your business, not slow it down.  We reject that data center operations are too hard, complex and bespoke to automate or self-manage; instead, we put you back in control of your infrastructure.

What’s New?

We Enable Leading Companies to Self-Manage Infrastructure

Our customers take their commodity server and network infrastructure from first boot to in-service in minutes with industry leading compliance data, security and API-driven control. Equally important, our deep API-driven automation makes it fast and trivial to re-provision infrastructure on-demand delivering a complete cloud-like physical IaaS.

Deploy Your Edge and Enterprise Infrastructure as Code

Simple to use and easy to learn, our Digital Rebar platform, lets you mix-and-match your hardware vendors, networking topologies, and operating systems.  Our zero-touch automation is specifically designed for real world data center requirements including distributed and heterogeneous environments.

Key Benefits:

  • Infrastructure as Code Automation Chaining
  • Flexible API-driven control of physical infrastructure pools
  • Integrated application deployment for platforms
  • Enterprise-ready integrations including Active Directory, Windows and VMware
  • Multi-site Federation with Edge autonomy
  • Security audits, logging and end-to-end encryption
  • And truly heterogeneous multi-vendor support
    • Any O/S: Centos/RHEL, Ubuntu, Windows, ESX, RancherOS, CoreOS, Debian, …
    • Any Platform: Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Cisco, Supermicro, RPi, …
    • Any Architecture: Intel, AMD, ARM64, Raspberry Pi
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Animation of RackN Digital Rebar Provisioning Workflow
[Click for narration] Animation of RackN Digital Rebar Provisioning Workflow

We deliver stand-alone software: it is NOT a SaaS, managed service or virtualization system!  We control actual bare metal using existing management protocols.

Operators install in minutes, validate core functions in less than an hour and are extending our provisioning workflows by days end. We believe that great tools need to provide strong wins in both technical and human dimensions.

Our software-only solution is customer-managed completely behind your firewall. We supply a library of proven best practice libraries, enterprise integrations and system extensions that completely automate bare metal provisioning, server management, and, optionally, application configuration for both new and legacy systems so that you can focus on delivering robust operating environment.

Don’t take our word for it: we let our product do the talking with our simple self-trial that can run on a laptop.