Control, consistency and choice over every infrastructure

Why struggle with fragmented, distributed, multi-vendor infrastructure?  The RackN Digital Rebar Automation and Provisioning Platform enables seamless management of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) across bare metal, virtual, edge, and cloud sites.

Digital Rebar software is CISO friendly: you always stay in complete control of your systems, data, credentials, and networks because RackN is neither a SaaS nor an MSP. Plus, our extensive Digital Rebar IaC catalog makes it easy to bring control, consistency, and choice to your entire IT estate!

RackN Digital Rebar Capabilities

Provisioning Automation

Expand Choice starting from a multi‑vendor Provisioning Automation and proven best practices

Infrastructure as Code

Improve Consistency with fully source-controlled Infrastructure as Code automation and API‑driven workflows

Distributed Infrastructure

Gain Control across your edge, enterprise, co‑lo and cloud Distributed Infrastructure while keeping site autonomy.

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