Try Digital Rebar and find out first-hand what using infrastructure as code tailored to your IT environment can do for your organization. Users typically provision their first system in just a few minutes!

Prep your environment

Before you try Digital Rebar, be sure your testing environment is properly configured.

Prep your laptop, VM or server

You’ll need a laptop, VM or server on which to install the Digital Rebar software.

  • At least 8 GB of total RAM for a trial system.
  • Linux or Darwin (MacOS) environment
    • Run from containers is supported but networking DHCP and TFTP for PXEboot may require additional permissions and configuration.
  • Check requirements for specific environments (e.g. VMware, VirtualBox)

Understand your networking environment
  • Gather the subnet information for the server you’ll be using.
  • For PXE, you must have DHCP server on local subnet (Digital Rebar include DHCP)
    • If Digital Rebar is not the DHCP server then you must configure Next Server option.
    • Proxy DHCP can be used if you cannot configure your DHCP server
  • Machines in the trial must PXEboot from NIC on the DRP network.

Use the Quick Start Guide

Visit the Quick Start guide for full details.

Install Digital Rebar

Use our easy directions to install Digital Rebar on your own systems.

Connect Your Infrastructure

The next thing you’ll do is use Digital Rebar to provision infrastructure. This can be on-premises, cloud, or edge infrastructure. The first step in connecting your infrastructure is to install your first machine.

Explore Our Catalog

Once you’ve installed a machine, explore our Solutions Catalog to find specific ways to bring IaC to your own environment.

Get help from the Digital Rebar Community

Trying Digital Rebar is easy, but in case you get stuck there is detailed Documentation for the product and the API. There are also in depth Demo Videos. Best of all there is a vibrant Slack Community where you can commune with others who are developing IaC for their organizations.

Source Code for API, CLI & Docs, Content Packs, Plugins, RackN additions